TM21 Pro Basketball Version 1.51 AND 2019-2020 NBA now available


Pro Basketball Game by Thomas Mink

Pro Basketball Game by Thomas MinkPro Basketball Game by Thomas MinkPro Basketball Game by Thomas Mink

TM 21 Pro Basketball

TM 21 Computer Screen

Tabletop basketball aided by a computer

TM 21 Pro Basketball like its cousin TMsg Pro Basketball, uses player cards that represent the talents of each player. The computer app for MS Windows ™ - based devices manages the game. Both are essential. With your computer managing tasks like scoring, timing, and  mirroring the player cards to hasten referencing play results, a game of TM21 Basketball takes about 1 hour to complete. The game is designed for solo play. 

Designed for modern seasons

TM 21 takes a fresh approach to the modern game. With the advent of new stats introduced for seasons going back to 2000, more detail is possible. Players are rated based on usage . Some players seldom shoot of the dribble and depend on receiving passes from play makers.  Each meaningful pass in the game is accounted for. This, of course, involved structural changes from TMsg Basketball. The player cards are different as are the team files needed to play. TM 21 and TMsg Basketball are not compatible, but both will coexist on your computer.

For this reason, TM 21 is our only product that can play the 2019-20 NBA season.  

Realistic strategies

As the coach, you can substitute according to the current NBA rules. You can set match ups. You can control the tempo of your team. You can adjust for the current game situation. You can force the ball to go to certain players. You can foul intentionally. You can pressure the ball. You can manage the clock through skillful use of time outs.  BUT, forcing your team from their natural play has a corresponding down side. For example, playing at an unnaturally fast pace will tire your players more quickly.


Absolutely. In game and over the course of a season, TM 21, like TMsg, is not scripted. All categories of stats are as on target within the range of expected outcomes.

Try it for Free

Yes. A fully functioning game is a free download. It includes the 2017-18 Cavaliers and the 2017-18 Warriors. If you are hesitant about downloading the free game, the game instructions are also available for download and explain the game in detail.


Will the game run on my computer?

A screen size of at least 1024 x 768 is recommended. Windows 7 or later is recommended.  If you have any problems with the game, contact us and provide the basic description of your hardware / software.

Where are the classic seasons from 2000-2018?

We will be offering those seasons in the TM 21 format over the next few months / seasons. It would be unreasonable to have those interested to purchase these seasons in the TMsg format only to find that the TM 21 version is available only months later.