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Pro Basketball Game
by Thomas Mink

Free Downloads

  • Click on title of the file. Your computer may warn you about the safety of the file. Please allow the download and install to continue.  
  • TMsg Classic and TM 21 can both be on your computer at the same time. They are separate applications.
  • Use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall previous versions before installing if you use any cloud-based programs.

PDF Particulars

  • Player Pictures enhance the TM 21 experience. The pictures will appear on the game screen. The files must be copied and pasted to <documents>/TM 21 Basketball Files/playerpictures/
  • Demo team PDFs include the large card format card images. Print and cut. Card size is 2¾ x 4 ¼ Note that PDF files for purchase include small cards at 2½ x 3½ and team cards.