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TMsg Pro Basketball Classic  v.19.07 Download  Posted 9-24-2018

This is the fully developed version of TMsg Pro Basketball. If you have older versions of the game, this is an essential upgrade. 

The major changes deal with installing the product, new locations of files for easy access, and a simple season installer.  This eliminates having to uninstall previous versions of the software whenever this and future upgrades are required. It also eliminates the need to mark files as 'run as administrator'. No longer will team files need to be sent by e-mail when ordering new cards or PDFs.

The season installer allows you to move any current team files that used to reside in the program files (x86) / TMsg Basketball  folder to a folder inside your Documents folder.  All stock seaon folders  are imbeded in the program.  Upon using the installer from the game menu they will be copied to the proper place so the game and utilities can locate them. Once you have used the utility to install season, you do not need to repeat this for active leagues as new versions are installed. A warning will  be given if you are attempting to overwrite a season. (Note: some folders that are not team folders are listed Please ignore them)

So the instructions are simply this:

You still need to save the download to your desktop or let it go into your downloads folder.

 Open it and  you will see two files, setup.exe (setup) and  TMsg Basketball*.msi.  
Double click on setup. That's it. (The install will take longer than usual because of the cleanup needed from your older version.) 

Start the game and then use the top menu to navigate to File / Install Season. Install your team files that you have stats saved.  Now you can start the game as usual.  Once you install a team, you do not have to repeat the operation.

Note One time operations for those upgrading from previous versions:
: Before you use the LEAGUE UTILITY you must recreate any leagues that you have created because the file locations for your league will have changed.  The League utiliy will show the new locations of your team files.

You will have to move or install Player Pictures to your <documents>/ TMsg Basketball Files /playerpictures. You can download them from this site OR open ProgramFiles(x86) /TMsg Pro Basketball / playerpictures, then copy all the pictures and paste them into the your <documents>/ TMsg Basketball Files /playerpictures folder.

As always. Do not attempt to restore a game started with a previous version.

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