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Frequently Asked Questions                                       

Q: What is the advantage of ordering PDF files?
A: PDF files are less expensive per season. You have the option to print just the cards you need. The PDFs come in two versions. You get the large style cards and the smaller cards with and without cutting guides.. This also allows for inexpensive delivery to international customers.

The printed cards are printed on demand. They are of higher quality than most are able to produce by printing and cutting the PDFs.

Q: Is Version 17 compatible with my current projects, team files and cards
A: Yes. If the files worked with recent versions, they will work as well as before.

Q: What's the big deal with Version 17 and later?
A. Easy to install without previous hassles. Team files install just as easily with the installer feature. No more fishing for files, having to uninstall before installing and no 'run as administrator' drill.  Not to mention that the game itself continues to improve. The game itself flows much better with the impact of game situations and strategies clearly visible .  Cards have a new clean and easier-to-read look.

Q: What is the significance of the symbols at the end of a season folder name?
A:  Old season folders  sent before 2006 had no symbols. Season folders with an "e' (e.g. 2004-05e)  are compatible but have only one card per player.  The standard for a number of years has been "+"  These are fully compatible the 2015-16 Edition.  The installable files  have "^"  When available,  defensive information is included in the team file. This was done so the installation does not overwrite season folders already in your current Program Files location.  Deluxe classic seasons are designated with a"d".